Xtend AI Electric Skateboard

The new electric skateboard from Xtend has artificial intelligence built in to make it safer, more efficient and easier to ride. The board itself is impossibly flat with no apparent drive system or battery, which is a welcome to change to a lot of what is out there. It has a 12.5 mi. range, weighs just 6.6 lbs., has a top speed of 28 mph and can charge in 60 minutes. Those are all features you can get in a lot of boards, but the artificial intelligence lets the board know when you’re not riding it so it can shut off to save power, learn your ride style and adjust performance accordingly, recognize if you’re standing on it funny and will fall if it goes anywhere, so it stays put. It can be locked remotely from your phone and even optimize routes to help you get places faster. There is a built in head light and tail light for safer night time riding. Here’s a big one – it can recognize when you’re about to get the speed wobbles and adjust the speed to avoid it. What?! I know, that’s a solid feature. The only drawback as I see it, which is the case for a lot of boards, is that it requires a remote control instead of pressure like a One Wheel. There are still early bird pledges available at the $1,099 price level, which is competitive with other less high-tech options out there.

Get it.