Wet Rod by Strand Craft

Strand Wet Rod on the beach

Okay, the list of truly badass personal watercraft is not long unless you’re Kenny Powers or Seal Team 6, but it just added one new worthy member. The V8 Wet Rod by Strand Craft follows suit with the extremely elegant yachts they produce. It either runs on standard gas, money, or class none of which will you have a hard time coming by when you own one of these. Cruising it around the pond will surely lead to governments, arch nemeses, and bikini teams will contact you with various proposals. Let the first few go to voicemail as you sip your Kir Royal and motor past the cafes, you have time.

It’s 16′ long 600kg and maxes out at a whopping 80MPH. The V8 marine engine is gasoline or turbo diesel with 330Hp to 550Hp. The fuel tank holds a massive 30 gallons, which you may need. Custom trailer, sick sound system, GPS,  and wood inlays are all standard and expected from Strand. Price TBD

Get it.