Towable Tailgates Extreme

Towable Tailgates Extreme Price

You tailgate? Hahaha, that’s cute, says the guy who rolls up with the Tailgater Extreme from Towable Tailgates. This thing is the Boss Hog of tailgating and is as easy as hooking up the jet skis. Inside this little trailer is a 55″ LED HDTV for streaming the pregame, 5.1 home theater system, mini-fridge, microwave, satellite receiver, cooler, 30 amp electrical panel, lights, electrical receptacles, deluxe¬†stainless steel 4-burner grill and even a private bathroom that accesses from the back. There are double rear doors to a compartment in the back to store all the accessories as well. If you’re ready to back up that claim of being kind of tailgating, then you need to pony up $18k and pick one of these up.

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