Tow Sport Camping Trailer

The Tow Sport Camping Trailer is one of those things you read and get super pumped about and immediately start planning your next adventure based on it. This trailer is small while still being versatile and mighty. It’s somewhere between camping out of your trunk and a small RV but it’s definitely no compromise on larger trailers. It can hold 21 cu ft of gear while the top can be used for even more stuff with a maximum overall tow weight of 900 lb. When you’re ready to unpack and set up, the trailer becomes a kitchen and dining room. The kitchen and dining gear isn’t included which is nice so you can chose exactly what you want to use and bring it which also keeps the price down as most of the stuff you probably have in your garage anyhow. New Atlas checked it out in person at Overland Expo West and said you can pay extra for upgrades such as adding poles to create a shower room out of the cargo box area.

Tow Sport is made of mostly aluminum so it weighs a mere 347lbs which means it can be towed by just about about anything with a hitch and when it gets to its destination, it’s easy to move around by hand rather than having to hassle with backing up and parking perfectly. It stores easily in your garage upright so it really doesn’t take up much space when not in use, which will be rarely. This will be an easy $2,995 that is sure to bring you many years of memories. It’s made in Prescott, Arizona so maybe you pick up your Tow Sport and kick off your adventure there!.

Get it.