Taurus Motorcycle

Taurus 2x2 Motorcycle Price

Russia is home to a whole lot of crazy, from the Putin to the hours and hours of insane dashcam footage, there’s no shortage of wild over there, but this is the best kind – badass vehicles that you can actually buy. The Taurus 2×2 is an easily disassembled rural bike that rocks massive 12 in. wide and 25 in. dia. wheels with an all business frame and two wheel drive system that is designed to get you where you need to go when there is no road to get there. It’s a simple build with racks on the front and back that only weighs 181 lbs. so you can haul it when it can’t haul you. Believe it or not, this thing is only a little over $1,000 but you’ll have to wait until they start shipping internationally to get your butt on one.

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