One Wheel Plus

One Wheel Plus Price 1499

I’m just going to say it. One Wheel is the clear winner of best all purpose electric skateboard. Sure, there are some faster, some smaller, some lighter, and even some less expensive, but if what you want is a board that will take you anywhere and get you home, this is the board for you. Improvements with the Plus model are many and include a newly redesigned motor for a quieter, smoother ride, and Surestance footpads that that have 100% sensor coverage so you can control the board from anywhere on the footpad, rather than needing to be right on the sensor. They’ve added a little tip and tail kick as well to make it feel more like a regular skateboard.

These are all on top of the already great specs including 19 mph top speed, great hill climbing, scaled down Formula 1 wide tire, regenerative braking that recovers as much as 30 percent of total power output, and an overall rock solid design that let’s you blast through wet streets, down unpaved trails and generally romp wherever you want to go. It’s priced at $1,499, but that gets you a board that can actually be used as a reliable form of transportation. With the Ultra Charger, you can get back to full power in just 20 minutes.

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