Off-Grid Blue Heron Tiny Home

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect tiny house to call your own – then wait no further. This 24′ Off-Grid Blue Heron Tiny Home can be all yours for $78,000. Yes, that’s a little on the high side but it’s justified. It’s a 250 square foot beauty with a loft and restroom. It has custom, modern touches all over the place including the recessed LED lighting, fir beamwork and cedar ceiling, glass surround shower and a custom staircase with storage. The kitchen has a backsplash that I happen to love as it’s also in my kitchen at home, a propane range, 7.2cuft stainless steel fridge and soft-closing drawers and cupboard which are also throughout the rest of the tiny house. THe off-grid portion of this tiny house is amazing. You get a full 1.7kW solar panel and battery system which includes 6x285W solar panels, a 2.8kW inverter, and 6x6V 460Ahr AGM non-offgassing batteries. Heating comes from the wood burning stove and while the water is heated with a Precision Temp RV-550 NSP propane on-demand water heater. You really get the bottom line of everything you need in this amazing place. I’m sure you already have the best gear to pack in and make your adventures full of memories that last a lifetime.

Get it.