Neyk Submarine

Neyk Submarine Price

I want this submarine more than anyone should want anything. Unfortunately, the Neyk Submarine price is surely more than I’m going to make in many years combined. We’ve covered more than a few submarines on the Upscout, but the combination of luxury and capability on the Neyk submarine is just right. It is about 29 ft. long with a surface speed of 7 knots and a submerged speed of 8 knots. It’s not blowing any speed records, but who cares when you’re cruising on the surface or at an operational depth of 1,000 ft.? It has a cockpit with room for you and your own Chewbacca, Jiacapo, or Wilson style sidekick. It runs on a diesel engine and electric motors with mission life support of 125 hours for 6 passengers and emergency life support of 250 hours for 3 passengers (start drawing short sticks). There’s also a modular bow component for the ultimate in underwater viewing. Hey Elon, hook a brother up, yeah? Inquire for pricing.

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Neyk Submarine Interior

Neyk Submarine Cockpit