Moto Parilla Carbon Bike

Moto Parilla Carbon Electric Bike Price

This is a wild electric bicycle that is almost more like an electric motorcycle from the looks of it. The bike uses beefy structural elements to give a decidedly aggressive and very fun look. The Carbon comes in a couple models with a top speed on the faster one at 22 mph. The bike itself is about 66 lbs., which doesn’t sound fun to pedal but it is also packing that electric motor which will kick in and take the pressure of on the ascents or whenever else you want some kick. The massive tires and suspension lend it to off-road where it is meant to be able to go as easily as down the block, but we haven’t tested one, so couldn’t tell you if it delivers on that promise. You can reserve one for a little over $2,000 on kickstarter, where they have a big goal of $144k.

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