Morgan EV3 Junior

Morgan EV3 Junior is made for the little ones over the age of 6. And since you like the little ones in your life to have just as much fun as you do, we know you’ll appreciate this amazing electric cart as much as we do. The EV3 Junior has a carbon fiber body made entirely by hand and to order (so shipping can take a couple months). To touch on some of the well appreciated details: there is a wooden dashboard and hand stitched leather interior. The exterior looks clean, classic and inviting. To get down the details you really came for: it has an average range of about 10mph and goes about 10 miles on a single charge which takes 4 hours. $10,000 can go a loooong way when it comes to entertainment so you might not consider spending that much on a single cart but if you do go that route – I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed.

Get it.