Mission Commuter Bicycle

Mission Bicycle Company is Kickstarting their premium commuter bike that has integrated lights and GPS.

The lighting in the front is 100 LEDs inside the fork blade while still giving off almost a full range of lighting in every direction. There’s the super bright mode and energy saver mode which are easy to control with one button. On the back there are 5 LEDs within the seat post that can go in continuous light, flickering or wave patterns. All the LEDs are fully integrated so you don’t have to worry about someone swiping them.

Then there’s the integrated GPS that automatically syncs your bike’s location so you can find it if it goes missing or your forgot where you left it.

The best part is the lights are powered by a removeable battery pack so you can remove the tiny pack and recharge while at work or sleeping. They claim you can get 20 or so half hour night rides out of it on a full charge.

All in all, this is a great bike that will you can rest assured you will live own for a very long time thanks to the GPS and necessary safety lighting. A $500 pledge gets you the frame and fork, $800 a single speed bike and $1,450 a geared 8 speed.

Get it.