Mini Monster Truck

Mini Monster Truck Price

If you have $125k to spare and know any kids between the age of 5 and 15, it is your duty as an American to buy this 1/2 size monster truck for them. Without SkyMall, it’s hard to keep up with Hammacher Schlemmer, but their latest badass machine, the Mini Monster Truck, is absolutely awesome. It is a legit monster truck built around a 4-cylinder Ford engine but all the same cage for protection. That little 4-cylinder can only get up to 25 mph., but the nitrous system can get you up to that speed in a hurry to blast over the rotting hulks of their friends’ Power Wheels. The landing will be soft thanks to the massive shocks and 40 in. tires. They won’t hear the raucous applause over the Kicker speakers and they won’t see their fist pump behind the custom LED lights. I mean, come on. How awesome is this thing?

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