Lilium Electric Air Taxi

I really hope that Lilium delivers on a legit 186 mile ranged on-demand electric air taxi. As you can see in the video, they have the prototype lifting off the ground and flying around, albeit slowly and without any apparent landing gear. This gives me hope that it won’t be too long before we’re actually flying around in these things like it’s nothing. I can’t help but think we might be making the equivalent of CDs with the autonomous cars because it won’t be long after they’re commonplace that we’ll be moving on to the MP3 of the vehicle world, which in my book is the flying autonomous car. Because you can more or less fly as the crow does in these and with much more power, you can go 5 times as fast. They say you would be able to get from Manhattan to JFK airport in 5 minutes. Kudos to them for making it look cool too. Pricing? Nah, we’re too far out for that.

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