Hamboards Street Surfers

Holy crap, these boards are a ton of fun. Hamboards are not skateboards – rather they are surf/paddle boards you ride on land. I haven’t had that much fun on trucks in a long time. Sure, they aren’t going to be a daily commuter board, but do you really ride a board to get somewhere? Me either, I do it for fun. The Signature Series offers several color options in the Classic 6’6″ board as well as Pinger, Fish and Pescadito. Forget about practicality, these boards are all about having a good time. Decks are made of super hard bamboo and rock spring torsion trucks with monster wheels. If you don’t rush over to their website to buy one now, at least get to a store where you can check them out for yourself. Pricing ranges from $250 to $499.

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