Fitzke Wooden Stand Up Paddleboard

Fitzke Bootlegger Paddleboard Price

If you’ve always loved those wooden cruiser boats, but aren’t anywhere near the tax bracket that will mean you can get one, you’ll love this mahogany SUP from Fitzke. More than just an art piece, it’s a well-built water-slicing straight-tracking board that looks even better than it performs. It gets its name of bootlegger from a protected compartment in front of the foot pad area where you can store the basics like sandals, lunch, phone (still need a waterproof case/bag), or whatever. Further establishing it as a legit board are the nose and rail guards because we all know you bump stuff and drag the paddle sometimes. The bootlegger is built by hand and it shows. IT’s a 12 ft. 6 in. board with an overall width of 28.5 in. The board costs $3,800.

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