East Coast Defender Huntress

East Coast Defender isn’t making the same old same old high-end off-roaders. Their latest commissioned ride, called the Huntress and based on a Land Rover Defender 130, was built for a “renowned artist” and has wild features like a Corvette engine and alligator leather seats. On top of that, they added a 2 in. lift kit, Boost 18 in. wheels, WARN winch, infotainment system with GPS, backup camera, wifi, and a Morel speaker system. Also, because you’re absolutely going to rage this thing faster than you should, it has a set of Wilwood brakes with 6-piston front race calipers and 4-piston rear race calipers with vented and drilled rotors all around. Yeah, this thing is sick. How much? No idea. I can’t afford it, but you should get in touch if you think you can.

Get it.