Bridgestone Airless Tires

We’ve seen a few similar airless tire designs before, but this is the first time we’ve seen a legit bicycle airless tire option that didn’t involve a solid piece of rubber. Bridgestone is calling it the Air Free Concept and uses a series of plastic struts on the inside of a thin rubber tire to provide the shock absorption similar to an air-full tire. I’m not quite sure why they would choose to put it on this rather lame commuter bike to unveil it, but I can definitely see how this style tire could be awesome. If they can figure out a way to adjust the firmness, then they’ll have a buyer in me. I hate changing flats. The only better version I’ve seen of this kind of thing is the Polaris Terainarmor ATV with its honeycomb design. As a concept, Bridgestone’s design is not available yet, and they haven’t said anything about pricing, but hopefully, they move forward with the design in some way.

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