Bollinger B1 Electric Truck

Bolinger B1 Electric Off-Road Price

I have always wanted to see an off-road ready and truly capable truck that wasn’t weighed down by a bunch of unnecessary “look at me” equipment or overly stylized curves and plastic. Jeeps are cool but unreliable and a little over done. Cherokees don’t have the allure. G-Wagons are for the rich. The Bollinger┬áB1 would make Goldilocks happy as a perfect combo of off-road ready, utilitarian design and innovation with its all electric drive. It’s all wheel drive, can do 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, 360 horsepower, 472 lb-ft of torque, 120 or 200 mile range and a charge time of 7 or 12 hours from fully depleted.

The interior is pared down with analog dash and not a lot else. One incredibly interesting aspect is the fact that the electric motor lets you have a full pass through from the rear to the front as they both open up for transport of long items. 16 ft. 2x4s? No problem. Load them up.

It has a 15.5 in. ground clearance, 10 in. wheel travel, and 56-degree approach and 53-degree departure angles that put it up there with some of the very best off the lot off-roaders. The wheelbase is 105 in. There’s no word yet on price or release date, but they are working on production and fully intend to bring it to market if they can make it happen.

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