Bell Air Taxi

Bell Air Taxi Helicopter Price

Bell Helicopters is more known for their reliable helicopters rather than wild concept vehicles, but they have gone in a whole new direction with the announcement of their Bell Air Taxi at CES this year. It’s a completely futuristic design for an autonomous air taxi that would be right at home in any blockbuster sci-fi movie. There’s no telling when it will be available, but every major player is trying to get ahead of the game on the autonomous aerial vehicle thing. People are starting to see what seems obvious, which is that the only way we get ubiquitous individual air travel is with autonomous vehicles. We just can’t trust people to fly/drive safely and the stakes go up with the flying cars. Autonomous flying cars, on the other hand, can be trusted to go where they’re supposed to and not be drunk. As soon as we have reliable autonomous tech, we’ll have our flying cars, and I think it will be in my lifetime. Stoked.

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