MYNT Smart Tracker

MYNT Smart Tracker is a tiny device that will help make the daily hustle a little more manageable for you. It’s a thin device that you can put in your wallet, on your key ring or even on your clothes to help you find your missing items. Combined with the MYNT app, the possibilities of uses are endless. If you can’t find your phone, press the button to make your phone ring. Can’t find your keys that MYNT is attached to? Press the button in the app and the tracker will beep. The app and device work up to 150 feet apart. And if you lose something, you can report it on the app and have a community of worldwide users back you up and keep an eye out for your stuff. Taking it a set further, you can even use MYNT as a remote for presentations, to take pictures or even control your music. MYNT uses a replaceable¬†CR2020 coin battery that has a year lifespan. Oh, and it’s waterproof. Get one for $20.

Get it.

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