Hooks Alerts App Price Cost

Hooks Alerts

Any old app can give you a reminder of what’s on your calendar. That’s bush league. Hooks gives you alerts about the stuff you…

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Stuff in Space Earth Orbit 3D Map

Stuff In Space

I am completely mesmerized by this interactive map of everything that is flying around our planet. A guy named James Yoder put it together…

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Iris Surfboards Price Cost

Iris Surfboards

Iris makes incredibly cool skateboards from decks that would otherwise head to a landfill. They’ve taken that process and started making surfboards from a veneer…

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Lumos Helmet Lights Price Cost Kickstarter

Lumos Bike Helmet

We’re seeing a very sudden upswing in bicycle safety tech, particularly tech that lets you communicate with the world around you much better. From…

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Spikeball Price Cost


This is a very cool new game that is essentially volleyball with a smaller ball and a trampoline instead of a net. The tramp…

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CRKT Folts Minimalist Tanto Price Cost

CRKT Minimalist Tanto

I love this knife. It’s small, lightweight, inexpensive ($22) and crazy useful. Sure, it’s probably meant to defend yourself from coked up terrorists or…

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