Ultimate Ears UE Roll Price Cost

UE Roll

This awesome little roughly 1.5 inch thinck 5″ round disc is a seriously rugged waterproof bluetooth speaker that Ultimate Ears, the company who makes…

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The martian by Andy Weir Price Cost

The Martian

If you haven’t already read this book, you should definitely check it out. The Martian by Andy Weir is a very different kind of…

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Nest Camera Price Cost

Nest Camera

How many multi-billion dollar companies does it take to make a great connected indoor camera? 2.5. Nest Labs bought Dropcam and Google bought Nest…

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cracked log lamp price cost duncan Meerding

Cracked Log Lamp

Incredibly, the artist, Duncan Meerding, who makes these beautiful cracked log lamps that can be used as stools, is legally blind. The LEDs inside…

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TTRobotix Seawolf Price Cost under water drone


There are a zillion options for an aerial drone, but it’s the oceans that haveĀ 50-80% of all life and where we have only explored…

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Pioneer 500 2016 Price Cost

Honda Pioneer 500

This awesomely nimble 50 in. wide off road side-by-side has paddle shifters. You heard right. Paddle shifters. Forget the fact that this recent addition…

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