Zip Buds Earbuds Price Cost

Zip Buds

Now this is an idea I can get behind. The slider on these ear buds zips them together with a tongue and groove like…

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Droplet Waterproof Bag Price Cost


The Droplet from Matador is like a tiny version of those reusable grocery bags but for all the little stuff you don’t want to…

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Solar Paper Price Cost

Solar Paper

Solar Paper by Yolk is a big step forward in portable solar charging. It’s crazy thin (less than .5 in.) and only 3.5 in….

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MSR Guardian Price Cost

MSR Guardian

MSR makes awesome stuff and they’ve added a bomber water purifier to their line of already great options. Made to military standards (because they…

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Terrafugia autonomous flying car Price Cost

Terrafugia TF-X

Terrafugia has announced a redesign of their autonomous flying car the TF-X and it looks awesome. Somehow, I can picture an autonomous flying car…

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Damico Aluminum Bowties Price Cost

Damico Aluminum Ties

Hipsters have taken over the bowtie, at least the ones we’re used to. You can rock the classic short next adornment without fear of…

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GoPro Licensing Program Application

GoPro Licensing

Okay, GoPro got creative, I’m guessing to satisfy shareholders, and come up with what could be a pretty incredible new way to make money…

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Hults Bruk Axes Price Cost

Hults Bruk Axes

How long has your favorite axe company been in business? 50 years? 100 years? That’s cool. Hults Bruk has been making axes since 1697…

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Tesla Motorcycle Price Cost

Tesla Motorcycle

Okay, it isn’t actually a Tesla bike, just a concept for what a Tesla motorcycle might look like, and I like it. It’s highly…

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