Buddy Dog Collar Price Cost Kickstarter

Buddy Smart Collar

You’ve got all this tech but what does your pup have? A wood shaving bed? Well, if you’d like to step up your dog’s…

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Samsung Note 5 Price Cost

Samsung Note 5

The Samsung Note 5 has been announced and it’s still awesome. It will be available on all the major carriers, has a giant screen,…

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Surf Snowdonia Price Cost

Surf Snowdonia

I’m really digging these man made waves because they’re starting to get really good. For people stuck far from natural waves, this could change…

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Ferrolic Clock Price Cost Ferro fluid display

Ferrolic Clock

This crazy clock uses ferro fluid to create a mesmerizing animation of numbers seeming to come together from blob like creatures moving around in…

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Arrow Rug Price Cost

Arrow Rug

Tell your guests where you want them to go with this rug that comes in red, green, black and pink. You can even get…

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Pennypult kickstarter desktop trebuchet price cost


The Pennypult is a desktop trebuchet that is dead simple to put together so you can get straight to hurling paper projectiles at your…

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Sriracha Ketchup For Sale Price Cost Siracha ketchup

Sriracha Ketchup

Sriracha ketchup. The link to throw your money at them is below. You can act like you don’t still douse and dip ketchup like…

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Touchjet Wave Price Cost Indiegogo Kickstarter

Touchjet Wave

The Touchket Wave turns your tv (20″ to 60″) into a touch screen – Well, sort of. It turns it into a giant android…

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