Camp Champ Price Cost

Camp Champ

You want to be the camp boss? Then you need the Camp Champ. This kitchen cube has rock solid construction from okume plywood that’s…

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Trunk Monkey Price Cost Portable Bike Rack

Trunk Monkey

This is the first portable bike rack that goes with the cyclist instead of the car. Created because its inventor had to ride home…

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Lexus Hoverboard Price Cost

Lexus Hoverboard

Whoa. This could be awesome. Lexus is working on a real hoverboard. At least, that’s what they’re claiming in their latest video (below). Unlike…

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Amazon Echo Price Cost

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is basically Siri for your home, where it might actually be useful, and it’s now available to everyone. It can keep lists,…

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Klymit Dinghy LiteWater Life Raft Price Cost

Klymit Dinghy

Klymit, who makes some very interesting air filled outerwear that keeps you warm with air pockets, has created a great little dinghy that is…

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