The Dark Tower

Excited! Yes, I’m excited about this movie because I love the series. However, we all need to understand that this is a roughly two hour movie and the series has something like a million words. This is an adaptation and can’t cover everything – not all the characters, not all the best scenes, not even all of the plot. However, it can be a fun visual ride in the world(s) that Stephen King created as what he called his opus. If you’re totally unfamiliar with the series, it follows a gunslinger in a different dimension who is trying to save the world, which involves an actual dark tower and a man in black. This is no ordinary gunslinger, as is immediately evident watching the trailer. There’s way too much to get more detailed than that. It looks like the writers and Sony Pictures are trying hard to make it a faithful adaptation, so the only bar to measure the film by is if it does justice to the feel, message and overall story of the Dark Tower series. I’m hopeful. It arrives in theaters on August 4th.

Get it.