The Girl With All the Gifts Trailer

Zombies are getting a little too popular which is flooding our screens and pages of books with very sub-par material. That’s why I’m so excited for The Girl With All the Gifts to come out. It’s slated for a September 23rd release in the U.K., but no word yet on when it’s coming to the States. The basic idea is that a plague has left most people mindless flesh craving “hungries” but a group of kids who are infected seem to still have their wits about them. One of the kids is particularly special. The base falls. Hell breaks loose and sends a small group, including the extra special student on the run while they try to figure out if and how what makes her special might save humanity…and if she will help. Based on the book by the same name with a script written by the author of the book, it looks like it will be really good!

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