Future Man Trailer

Hulu’s new original show Future Man might just make me re-up my subscription with them. The first part of the plot basically follows that of The Last Starfighter, which they call out in the first part of the trailer. From there it morphs into a combination of Terminator 2 and every other 80s/90s culture icon. Where it could go ridiculously corny and lame, they manage to keep it light and irreverent. Josh Hutcherson (Peeta from The Hunger Games) plays the main character who is chosen by what he thinks is just a video game to go back in time and stop a guy from inventing the cure for lip herpes that ends up causing the end of the world. It’s crazy, silly, nostalgic and awesome. It’s being run by Seth Rogan and his boys, so there’s one reason to see it. It premieres on Nov. 14th.

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