Boondock Saints Origins TV Show

Veritas, Aquitas! Yaass! They’re making an origin story prequel show to the Boondock Saints movie. There are precious few details about who will be in it, what the story line will follow, etc., but they’re clearly banking on a rabid fanbase that won’t care. There is no release date yet, but you can purchase the entire first season in an exclusive box set for $597.77. You’ll be getting it before it airs on any network or streaming service. The box includes a long list of merchandise. You get the first season, baseball hat, stickers, wall decal, bandana, buff, patches, temporary tattoos, beanie, shot glass, limited edition signature pennies, playing cards, and a bunch of other stuff. It really is a long list. If you’re a super fan, you can spend $5,000 or $10,000 to get invited to the premiere/screening. The latter gets you into the cast and crew party the night before. The big question is of course whether Norman Reedus will be in it, but all reports are saying no so far. It may be that this predates the brothers MacManus.

Get it.