The Big Wave Project

I am absolutely mesmerized by big wave surfing. As a surfer who has been pounded by huge waves that were still a fraction the size of the monsters in this documentary, I can’t even fathom how these guys survive these waves. Even if you can ride one, being on the inside of a set of 50 foot or higher waves would be terrifying. So, it doesn’t surprise me to hear them talk about the brotherhood that forms among the guys and gals who brave these waves. I, like so many, will be glued to this film when it comes out, which will be later this year. Some of the biggest names in big wave surfing are attached to the film and guarantee insane footage. It took years to make it, which puts it just a couple years beyond the last major big wave movie, but even in that small amount of time, the sport has progressed and the waves have gotten bigger. Keep an eye out for screenings in your area this summer.

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