Under an Arctic Sky Film

It’s amazing the places we will take ourselves emotionally and physically in order to accomplish the unbelievable. Photographer Chris Burkard and filmmaker Ben Weiland got a crew of surfers together and set out to Iceland in the middle of winter when the worst storm in 25 years hit – the resulting film is mind blowing. It’s 40 minutes of pure blood pumping adventure that makes you want to grab your board and hit the sea (in much warmer weather of course). The pictures and clips of the surfers under the northern lights are just beautiful. Mother Nature is breathtaking regardless of how brutal she can be. The film is on Kickstarter so they can reach a global audience while recouping the costs they have encountered thus far. A pledge will help finalize the film and kick off a worldwide tour where we can ask all the questions our hearts desire. Check out the trailer and then head over to Kickstarter. A $30 pledge will get you a digital download of the film and a 60 page book filled with images and stories from the filming as well as fill your mind with inspiration.

Get it.