American Assassin Trailer

Yes! I’m stoked this series from the late Vince Flynn is finally being made into a major motion picture. I read through this book series like a lonely nerd read Harry Potter (that was me too). Whatever. The books follow Mitch Rapp who is recruited by the CIA after his girlfriend is killed in a terrorist attack and his hatred is running high. They mold him into the ultimate operative and unleash him on those in this world who have no right to their life. It’s like a modern-day more realistic James Bond. The actors they’ve chosen for the parts aren’t at all who I pictured (Michael Keaton?), but I’m digging them anyway. I really hope this is as good as the trailer makes it look like it will be. If it’s a hit, get ready for a bunch because there are something like 15 or 16 books. It opens in theaters on September 15th.

Get it.