Zippelin Inflatable Luggage

Zippelin Inflatable Luggage Price

Wow, the new ZippelinĀ inflatable luggage bag is an incredibly compact but roomy (85L) bag that actually inflates to give you a ton of crazy unique storage. It’s made from reused truck tarps Freitag makes a ton of awesome bags from these tarps but the Zippelin is the first big rolling piece of luggage they are offering, so they’ve turned to kickstarter to gauge the demand. Considering they’ve already raised over $350k at the time of writing, I’d say it’s there. The Zippelin looks cool thanks to the tarps, but it’s also pretty innovative. The wheel system can come completely apart and go back on all without tools. This helps it roll up to an impossibly small size and store almost in a shoe box. When you’re ready to travel, you pump up the internal reused bicycle tire and you get a frame sturdy enough to hold it all together. Roll to your flight and even handle stairs easily by wearing it over your shoulder. The unique look of the truck tarps means you’ll always be able to find it on the luggage belt. You can get one for a pledge of $505.

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