X15 Flame Thrower

Throw Flame x15 flame thrower

Let’s do some online shopping…filters for the fridge, more diapers for the kid, and a flame thrower. What?! Yes, you can actually buy a flame thrower legally online (check your state laws). According to ThrowFlame.com, who is selling this beast, a mere $1,599 will get you a tank of hell fire that can spit screaming searing fire 50ft. This is not a toy, is incredibly dangerous, and could easily kill you along with everyone in a 50′ radius. Awesome. But wait, for you, today, they also sell NAPALM! Shut up and take my money!!

The downside is that if you actually had one of these and managed to not kill yourself, you’d probably have to use it responsibly and that’s not nearly as fun. But….I still want it.

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