Vollebak 100-Year Hoodie

Vollebak is back at it with another winner. Their 100-year hoodie is designed to last that long no matter what you spend those years doing. Seriously, this thing is ready to stand up to not just the elements but nasty abuse from its owner and love every minute of it. What sorcery is this? Well, the hoodie is made from DuPont’s Kevlar aramid fibers which are five times stronger than steel and spun into a super soft knit. If you have any doubts about the durability of this hoodie, just watch the video above. The hoodies are available in the natural yellow color of the fiber or darker charcoal called “granite”. Either way, they’re designed to age with class, changing color slightly over time and developing that worn in but never worn out look that all your best gear gets.

The hoodies are a pullover style with a short zipper and front kangaroo pocket. You may wonder what fabric this tough feels like against your skin, but I am assured it is spun to a super soft fleece-like feeling on the inside. It’s toughness also doesn’t add weight, which is nice. Vollebak chose to go with a pullover instead of a full-zip to minimize the potential weak point of the zipper, but Steve Tidball, one of the¬†founders, tells me that if they can make a full-zip that passes their test of being “indestructible¬†and easy to use and wear”, then they’ll explore it. It will cost you $295, but without one, you’re looking at spending a lot more over the years on run of the mill hoodies.

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