Veloz Hydration Pack

The Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack looks great and is perfect for your next outing. It uses a unisex harness system to give you a comfortable and supportive fit so it’s the perfect companion for whatever adventure you’re on. The harness is made of thin, laminated strips that are connected throughout the body and give an even distribution of weight while compressing the pack. Teh chest connector keeps the pack in place while reducing bouncing when your feet get moving fast. The 3L version holds 2L of water and has an internal mesh pocket. The 6L version also holds 2L of water but has more storage space. Either are great options depending on the type of adventure you’re on and where. The Kickstarter ends soon and is well passed funded. You can get the 3L for $85 or 6L for $100 and both are available in aqua or grey. They’re also offering a waistbelt for $35 that is perfect for runners or mini trips.

Get it.