UGOAT Off-Road Trailers

UGOAT Off-Road Utility Trailer

I love the trend towards off-road trailers. UGOAT (Utility Go Anywhere Off-Road Adventure Trailers) was started by two U.S. Marines and one British Royal Marine with the mission of creating a “Multi-Trailer” capable of exceeding customers expectations with quality and function. Well, I think they’ve done it. Their trailers are infinitely useful, hardcore reliable, and, where not handmade themselves, made with parts from some of the best brands out there. Their trailers come with some extra modularity thanks to multiple boxes that can be pulled out or added in depending on what you want to haul. That gives you the flexibility of bringing ATVs and bikes or tons of smaller camping gear. No matter what the configuration, these things can haul a ton of gear and be your basecamp thanks to the rooftop tent. Pricing depends on the loadout, but you’re looking at starting around $15k.

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