Traveler XL Tiny House

Here at Upscout we LOVE tiny houses. We’d love to accept a complimentary unit to really put to the test – any takers? Until then we’ll just continue to cover them with amazement in the technology, features and designs these builders are cranking out. The Traveler XL Tiny House is a new design from Escape Traveler that has our jaws dropping like Jim Carey in the Mask. They build there own trailers so you know your house is sitting on the best possible foundation available. The outside of the tiny house is made with cedar and has a special coating that lasts 5-10 years to keep it looking sparkling on the eyes. The accent panels are weathered steel and have 40 year warranties. Moving on to the inside – it’s made of pine with pine trim and I’m really loving the cabin vibe it gives off but with an extra classy touch. Escape is known for their kitchens and this one doesn’t disappoint either with stainless steel and a full size stove. The bathroom has a tub shower which seems a little excessive but this tiny house is pure luxury and I’m not hating on it. The model in the video below has a washer/dryer combo and that is also an excessive but awesome feature. The bedroom houses a queen size bed. The loft can house a twin size bed or be space for storage. This tiny house has so. much. storage. Color me pine and call me impressed! Pretty much everything you see is customizable. If you want something added, just ask. Other note worthy details are the doorbell, USB outlets and the fact that the person who build the trailer, delivers it to you. Prices start aroundĀ $78,500. I only touched on the details so definitely watch the video below and click through to get everything.

Get it.