Tool Pen Mini

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In a quick follow up to a successful kickstarter campaign to bring us the Tool Pen, Mininch has launched a new smaller version that has some great new features, which are a direct result of listening to and responding to customer requests/suggestions – the sign of a smart company in my mind. It is essentially a pen shaped multi-bit small head screw driver, but the thoughtful design and quality materials put it on the list of truly functional high value tools to keep handy.

The bits live inside the body where small windows allow you to see which bits are where. The bits pop out the tip and move to the back just like the rainbow pencils from back in the day. A special ring that keeps them from popping out the back when pressure is applied on the tip. Accidentally stabbing yourself in the leg when it is in your pocket is prevented by a cap that is also magnetic to help it stay on. The bits for the Tool Pen Mini are smaller and thinner than the original Tool Pen’s and the pen’s overall thinner body helps get into the tight places you often find those little screws. There are a good number of additional bits in a nifty carrying case if campaign reaches 2,600 backers, but there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get that after the fact in some way if the stretch goal isn’t met. A $45 pledge gets you one and pledges go up from there for more options and bells/whistles.

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