TAB The Adjustable Bag

TAB the Adjustable Bag Price

TAB The Adjustable Bag is three different size duffle bags that can be configured twelve different ways. You can go from a small to medium to large duffle. Each holds 31, 46.5 and 62 liters respectively. You can hold it by a handle, sling it over your shoulder, or you can wear it like a backpack. Almost unbelievably, it can also compress down and store in a ball that is just 8 in. in diameter and 4.75 in. tall. The Adjustable Bag is water resistant and durable with a quick access front pocket and lockable zippers. It also has a bright lining so you can find your stuff quickly. You can still get one for $99 on their kickstarter. Hurry up and snag yours because the retail price will go up to $140.

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