Swimmo swim tracker price cost

Swimmo is an activity track specifically for swimmers. At first, you may think that sounds way too specific to warrant buying a device, but think about it. How many people do you know who actually cross train in a variety of activities seriously? Not many. That is probably even more true for dedicated swimmers. The Swimmo is controlled by a rotate and tap system that doesn’t involve any buttons, which is definitely an interesting twist. It has an integrated continuous heart rate monitor with color OLED display that is 100% waterproof – obviously. The watch-like activity tracker keeps track of your distance, calories burned, heart rate, swimming pace/speed, duration of the workout and more. It can sync with Android or iOS devices to see trends, compete with others and beat your personal bests. If you’re a swimmer or know someone who is, there just really isn’t anything better out there. Pre-order for $189.

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