Steel Mace

Ready to mix up your workout routine in a new way? Set for Set is here with Steel Maces that will give you a full body workout while engaging smaller stabilizing muscles to work like they never have before. A few of the exercises called out that you can perform with Steel Maces include 10 to 2, 360 swing, Gravedigger, and the Barbarian squat. You can control difficulty by moving your hands closer together towards the end of the handle for increased difficulty or spreading out your grip with one hand closer to the head and the other closer to the bottom for decreased difficulty. These bad boys are forged from hand-sculpted cast iron with a weld to impress. There is a black matte powder coat finish to give it the look it deserves. Weight options includes 7, 10, 15, 20 and 25lb with pricing ranging from $34 to $96 depending on the weight.

Get it.