SPARtool Survival Shovel

SPARtool Survival Shovel review Kickstarter Price

The SPARtool is more than a shovel. It’s the kind of real world product that makes it into apocalypse movies because it just looks like something you use when you’re taking survival seriously and want people to notice. Unlike a lot of multi tools that use smaller or modified versions of tools to compact them into a smaller form factor, SPARtool has just packed full size tools together to make an awesome frankenstein of a tool. It’s obviously a shovel, but it’s also a pry bar, pick, hammer, hatchet, saw, and of course bottle opener. It’s made of 1075 carbon steel and weighs just 2 lbs. 15 oz., which is surprisingly light. Like most multi tools, having each tool separately would get most of the jobs done better, but you can’t lug all that around, so the goal with a multi tool is to make them each as useful as possible, which SPARtool seems to be doing very well. It’s being kickstarted right now with pledges of $119 getting you one if you’re quick.

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