Shoulderpod R2 Mobile Pocket Rig

Shoudlerpod R2 Rocket Rig Price

Sholderpod’s R2 mobile Pock Rig is not groundbreaking in its function. There are a lot of options for mobile media platforms, and honestly, a lot of those are very useful. But, at some point, you start to appreciate the aesthetic value of the tools of your trade beyond just the function. When you do and begin to surround yourself with those more pleasing tools, they can increase your productivity and creativity to your work. That’s why I dig this Pocket Rig. It can hold your phone and a variety of other devices like a mic, light, camera or whatever you can put in a cold shoe. It’s part of a larger modular system, so you can add to the R2 if your kit starts to require more components. It retails for about $91 and is available now.

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