Sequent Smartwatch

I love my smartwatch but it has one major downfall. I have to take it off and charge it at what seems to be the times I most want to wear it. Surely 20 minutes in the shower each day isn’t enough. Well the SEQUENT Smartwatch is here to solve that issue and does it with style. It uses kinetic power which means your movement charges it up to keep it running. No batteries. No charging. Just pure energy. The rest of the features are things we’ve come to know and love in our everyday lives. Android and iPhone compatibility to give us real time stats on heart rates, GPS, notifications, etc. What sets this SEQUENT watch apart with these features is the casing. If a live screen is your thing, then this watch isn’t for you. But if wearing a smartwatch all day from meetings to the gym is your thing, this watch is made for you. It’s made with top notch materials in several different styles. Pledges start at about $200 and go up from there based on how you want the watch. Check it out!

Get it.