Selkbag Price Cost Kickstarter Selk'bag

It’s finally happened. The evolution of the sleeping bag has gone from rectangle, to mummy, to a hybrid from REI, to the full on one piece suit and I’m not ashamed to say it looks amazing. Let’s face it, you’re most likely to be wearing this thing in the wilderness, on the boat or in the privacy of your own home, so who cares what it looks like? The dream of getting out of the tent without getting out of your sleeping bag is real.

The Selk Bag sports an insulated hood, hand pouches, leg vents, removable boots, a kangaroo pocket. They’re polyester filled, not down, which really just means they aren’t super expensive and may still keep you a little warm when wet. The shell is rip stop nylon so snags here and there won’t spread and ruin the whole thing. There are multiple models including the Original, Kids, Lite, and a line licensed with Marvel for various character styled Selk Bags. A pledge of $134 gets one.

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