Saver Emergency Breath

Saver Emergency Breath System Price Cost

This is a must have for every home.┬áSimilar to but even better than an airplane drop down oxygen mask, this air filter will keep you from dying of smoke inhalation like 80% of the people who don’t make it out of house fires. Save your smoke inhalation for your vices and make sure you and your family get out safe by having these within reach.

Neatly contained in super easy to screw apart pieces the two person set has two fileters and a flashlight with alarm sound that will let the rescuers help find you. All the pieces come apart easily, which you’ll be thankful for when you’re frantically trying to get it in your mouth while you whimper like a child because you actually need them. It even comes with a little clip that goes on your nose, so you don’t breath through your schnoz like an idiot, while you have the filter in your mouth. More than just something to calm you down (looking at you airplane oxygen mask), this filter is a legit life saver that can remove smoke & dust, carbon monoxide and toxic gases from the smoke of your way too big collection of toys and vinyl going up in the blaze. The mouthpiece has a reassuring universal fit and you’re able to still breathe easily through it, so you don’t feel like you’re sucking air through multiple layers of high tech filters. All the fireman say it, they fight fires but the smoke is what kills. For $120 you can get the two person kit, but make sure you spring for enough to cover the whole family.

Bonus, you actually get something that has had serious thought put into the design – award winning design. Usually, straight up life saving devices are ugly and therefore get hidden (like your fire extinguisher), but we need these things to be readily accessible for when that emergency happens. The Saver looks great, which is good because the four pack comes with a wall mount.

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