Salt Aether Sunglasses

Salt Aether Sunglasses Price Cost

Aether and Salt have collaborated to bring us some pretty cool and functional shades. They’re a great alternative to looking like a 90s baseball player with flashy sports sunglasses. Instead, you can rock these explorers which have plastic surrounds that keep wind, glare and debris out of your eyes.

They were created for riding motorcycles when you want to feel the wind in your face but don’t feel like taking a bug in the eye at 70mph or want the ticket that comes with riding without eye protection. That kind of protection is helpful in all kinds of other situations though and you can keep these on when you get where you’re going or head into town. The beta-titanium frames and polarized lenses keep them in one piece and give you the best view possible. It’s a good thing they’ll last because at $600 you won’t want to have to buy a new pair any time soon.

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