Roof Top Hammock

Nowhere to camp? No problem! If your car can get you there, you can sleep there with the Roof Top Hammock from TrailNest. What an amazing place to sleep, up on your roof, away from the worries of sleeping on the ground, with the most beautiful scenery to gaze at while you wonder off into dreamland. There a few different package options but the most useful is the complete package for $470 that includes the hammock stand that attaches to your existing roof rack, a floor area so you can have some stability while entering and exiting your slumber, and a ladder to get you up to the top of your vehicle. The hammock is not included so you’re free to use your favorite one. If you need a suggestion, check out these hammocks we’ve featured over the years. The whole set up is mindless and folds down out of sight when not in use. So go ahead and order one and see where your adventures take you.

Get it.