Rok Pak

RokPak KIckstarter Price

Rok Pak is one of those rare items that I both really want and really need. It’s a dry box, solar charger, rescue beacon, flashlight and device charger all in one. Basically it’s a genius Pelican case on steroids and nootropic drugs. This is also one of those products that has thought of the details like angled USB ports to make it easier to actually charge your devices and a notification light so you know when your phone is getting calls/texts inside. It’s rated to IP 67 Mil Standard 810G so you know it will be water tight and survive real world falls. It even floats and has a 200+ hour SOS beacon. This thing could come in seriously handy in emergency situations but is also just ridiculously handy to have around so you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet, broken or running out of battery. I love it. Pledges at $169 can still get you one on their kickstarter campaign if you’re quick.

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