Road Shower 2

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The Road Shower 2 is an awesome off road or road trip accessory. It can hold up to 5 gallons of water that pour in through a wide opening on top, mounts to your roof rack, has a 55 in. hose with spray head and lets you wash down your boots, board, bike or self before hitting the road. You could even use it to help with camp tricky camp dishes or kids that need cleaning before riding home. There are so many ways I could think a water sprayer on a car would be useful. The whole thing mounts securely, is sturdy and the hose clips and velcros in place while driving. What if it could be hot water…? It is! The black tank is heated by the sun while you drive, so you can get a hot shower in camp! Road Shower is taking pre-orders now for the latest version which is expected to ship at the end of the summer and will be $300.

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